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Peace's Sketch Journal
I tried to think of a good reason for this journal to be friends-only so I could find a really cool friends-only banner and feel cool... but I really can't think of any reason it should be.

So er, I guess that's about it. This is the HELLO, AND WELCOME page.

Do I have any rules for my sketch journal? Well..

-Please don't hate on my art. Critiquing it is fine, but for serious, anything like flaming is just plain mean and I'd cry. for reals.

-This stuff is not gonna be awesome finished art. It's going to be like what the journal says. pretty crappy scribbly things that I scan. Yes I know they're scribbly. they're sketches.

- PLS PLS PLS Give me prompts, because they be cool. Pose ideas, situations, bits of writing I can try and illustrate, songs to illustrate, WHATEVER YOU LIKE. Except PLS don't give me a specific person you want me to draw unless a) I specifically ask for one or b) you really, really want one and it's your birthday or something soon. drawing specific people is cool, but it's just.. not something I need to work on as badly as this other stuff.

-I may reply to your comments on my other account, peacefuldragon. this is because I'm really lazy and I don't want to log back into this account to reply to them. So... don't freak out. X3

Thanks a lot, guys. <3

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Sorry if you're seeing this again, I somehow managed to delete the original post which is just awkward. OH WELL.

OH HAI SKETCHBLOG. Long time no see. Like. Ever.

arthureames lineart copy

Inception fanart, part of a 2-piece birthday present for a friend (la_victorienne) which she wants to write fic for. This is the lineart because I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT JEEZ and I like it. :D

arthureames copy final

And here’s the final art, in which you can totally tell that I believe JGL is part Asian and have no idea how Tom Hardy works. As a person. Or as a colour.

You can view it at its actual size here: http://zandan.deviantart.com/art/Got-Luck-175309522

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So I have a huge sketchpost for everyone because these are basically all the requests people gave me to sketch, and I SKETCHED THEM. yaye. Warning: these sketches are really, really sketchy, and also may contain slash pairings but there's nothing explicit or anything I PROMISE.

first we have a young stephen fry and hugh laurie, maybe playing intense!chess and maybe playing strip chess. the world will never know.

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oh goodness I love stephen fry.

but right now I'm more inclined to draw david tennant.

so.. uncut little sketch on the back of a math worksheet for you guys, whoever still pays attention to this. for the record, I only wrote "I am the DOCTOR." demi added the other stuff.

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random pic; pose sketched as a reference, I added the characteristics of the two guys in later. like. faces. and things. But yes, basically the two guys back from the last sketch.

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I love unnecessary semicolons.

Anyway, just one sketch to share that I would like to paint and make, you know, decent to put on DA if I have the time. Two OTHER characters who wormed into my head in this sort of 1920's-30's Cambridge universe.

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again with the long time no.. sketch.

I'm not making any promises this time because EVERY TIME I SEEM TO DO THAT I GET JINXED. Or maybe it's just my inability to stick to one thing.

Anyway, in these next three sketches we have two characters who were semi-inspired by the series "Cambridge Spies", although they are not spies. they do, however, go to cambridge. The lighter-haired guy's name is Geoffrey, and he's reading Maths. He also likes to tutor Anthony (the darker-haired guy, who I don't really have a clear picture of in my head) in Math, even though I just remembered that if Anthony's reading what I think he's reading (either Law or possibly English) then he probably won't have to take Math. GEOFFREY LIKES TO TEACH HIM IT ANYWAY BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW MATH.

Anyway, they're roommates, Geoffrey is really smart and is seriously obsessed about it, and Anthony is a quietly intelligent Quaker because who doesn't love Quakers?


that waistcoat sucks, I know. I do like the decent back view of Geoffrey though. semi. It kind of breaks down at his lower back.

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Yeahso, art for you guys because I actually sketched a little.
To the right we have either captain Ahab or Alastair Moody. They're kind of the same in my mind, really.

And then the pretty-ized version of a  (slightly overdue, coff coff) sketch for Tanginello. I usually hate FIDDLING in PHOTOSHOP but I liked this result and it looks cooler than my scribblescrabble so I can just put this up here and pretend I'm cooler than I actually am.

Prompts are nice guys. Now that I actually have books I need to be reading soon, SKETCHING SOUNDS GOOD.

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HOKAI. I haven't posted in a while, I know! Well, I found out about this 100themes thing, and it turns out they're really fun to do in this sort of mini comic type thing.

Basically, here's what I did- they're all in pen, no undersketching which is why you can totally see all my weak points/mistakes. The fact that I don't have any facial structure or anatomical structure also shows. hogreat. And I didn't erase/fiddle with in Photoshop.
They also have a short passage of writing which I decided to put in as an explanation for each one.

the first one is the only one where I took myself seriously (story wise), the rest of them.. I was just trying to be humorous, but not really trying.. too hard to make anyone other than myself amused. But you don't have to read the text, for most of them it's not necessary, and it can kind of fade into the background fairly easily. so yes.

"Days" is my favourite so far.

008. Weeks.
009. Months.
010. Years.
011. Red.
012. Orange.
013. Yellow.
014. Green.
015. Blue.
016. Purple.
017. Brown.
018. Black.
019. White.
020. Colourless.
021. Friends.
022. Enemies.
023. Lovers.
024. Family.
025. Strangers.
026. Teammates.
027. Parents.
028. Children.
029. Birth.
030. Death.
031. Sunrise.
032. Sunset.
033. Too Much.
034. Not Enough.
035. Sixth Sense.
036. Smell.
037. Sound.
038. Touch.
039. Taste.
040. Sight.
041. Shapes.
042. Triangle.
043. Square.
044. Circle.
045. Moon.
046. Star.
047. Heart.
048. Diamond.
049. Club.
050. Spade.
051. Water.
052. Fire.
053. Earth.
054. Air.
055. Spirit.
056. Breakfast.
057. Lunch.
058. Dinner.
059. Food.
060. Drink.
061. Winter.
062. Spring.
063. Summer.
064. Fall.
065. Passing.
066. Rain.
067. Snow.
068. Lightening.
069. Thunder.
070. Storm.
071. Broken.
072. Fixed.
073. Light.
074. Dark.
075. Shade.
076. Who?
077. What?
078. Where?
079. When?
080. Why?
081. How?
082. If.
083. And.
084. He.
085. She.
086. Choices.
087. Life.
088. School.
089. Work.
090. Home.
091. Birthday.
092. Christmas.
093. Thanksgiving.
094. Independence.
095. New Year.
096. Artist‘s Choice.
097. Artist‘s Choice.
098. Artist‘s Choice.
099. Artist‘s Choice.
100. Artist‘s Choice.

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wootwoot, sketchies.

first up is piano!Bertie and Jeeves. I like Bertie, but the spacing was weird with Jeeves, who almost looks like he's getting his head eaten or something. My bad.
and Cole Porter's face! yay. He wasn't originally looking at them like that, but I had to move it to conserve space.

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